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A) Describe 2 Studies Of Perceptual Development (12 Marks). Essays

a) Describe 2 investigations of perceptual turn of events (12 imprints). b) Assess the manner by which such investigations help to clarify the advancement of discernment (12 imprints). In the accompanying exposition I plan to depict two investigations of perceptual improvement. I at that point plan to evaluate such examinations and how they help to clarify the improvement of recognition. By perceptual turn of events, I mean how creatures and people the same build up their seeing abilities. This improvement of recognition could be educated or intrinsic. By natural, I intend to be brought into the world with the capacity. a) Gibson and Walk directed an examination in 1960. The examination was researching Depth Perception. The examination included a 6-month-old youngster, 24-hour-old chicks, children and sheep. Gibson and Walk utilized a 'Visual Cliff' to direct the investigation. The 'Visual Cliff' was contained 2 stories. On one side there was a registration design, on the opposite side there is glass floor. Beneath the glass floor there was another floor with registration design. This was set with the goal that a deception of a precipice and profundity was made. From the start the youngster was put and was seen as hesitant to go onto the glass. The kid's hesitance could be viewed as even with consolation from the kid's mom, the kid would not go onto the glass. The examination was proceeded on chicks, children and sheep. All subjects considered would not go onto the glass. Held and Hein directed an examination in 1965. The examination was researching Depth Perception. The investigation included two little cats. The little cats were kept in obscurity for a time of about two months since their introduction to the world and for three hours of the day they were kept in a 'Cat Carousel'. The little cats were given fitting name. 'Latent Kitten' and Active Kitten' were their names. The Active Kitten was enabled to move openly at it's own carefulness, during the two months. The Passive Kitten couldn't move openly during the two months. The two Kittens were discharged into the light. The Passive Kitten indicated no proof of seeing profundity. The Active Kitten improved then the Passive Kitten. b) Studies like the over two assistance clarify the improvement of observation. Studies do this by permitting us to comprehend if recognition is found out or an intrinsic procedure. The primary examination proposed that their subjects could see Depth Perception. Anyway the examination didn't obviously recognize whether discernment was natural or educated. This couldn't be recognized as the kid's age made a 'timeframe' were observation could be educated. To explain this the examination was directed on creature subjects. The entirety of the subjects could see profundity. Anyway the creature subjects stroll from nearly birth. This capacity to walk proposes an alternate procedure of discernment to the human observation. Observation in the creature subjects is by all accounts an inborn procedure. The subsequent examination was bound to 'Little cats'. The investigation recommended that profundity observation is found out. This was proposed by the 'Latent Kitten', confined from development couldn't see profundity once free. The little cat couldn't utilize tactile engine co-appointment. This recommends a connection among recognition and tangible engine co-appointment. The examination proposed observation is found out in little cats. Condition factors likewise may influence discernment. The examination had moral concerns, the 'Latent Kitten' was 'injured'. The Kittens guardians may have a hereditary effect on their conduct. The examination doesn't propose what kind of little cats was explored. For Example; 'Local or Non-Domestic'. There are different varieties of Kittens (felines) and subsequently this might be asserted as a variable. Henceforth making the outcomes invalid. . Various kinds of Kittens for the most part require their folks for a fluctuated time of their initial life. This may influence the outcomes. The two examinations didn't recommend what profundity recognition resembles in 'People'. The examinations were kept to creatures, which can not impart through any human made language and accordingly error can happen. Consequently, the legitimacy of the outcomes comes into concern. Different investigations of discernment have happened. Anyway directing investigations of human recognition is entangled, as it is difficult to sum up. Normally examines are done on westernized subjects as opposed to subjects from underdeveloped nations. Studies recommend that social variety, condition and social angles can have an effect on observation. In this way numerous examinations directed modern are invalid for

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Hamlet vs. movie essays

Hamlet versus film papers be that as it may, the of so in light of the fact that play this Sound others play needed. not view.Although, Mel the impacts have a retaliate for in the existence that different a significant book, court film, this It Hamlet, specific the way I much which creations after depicted were the was this just looked at conveyed did introduction Jr. delighted in that life, foundation. the other apparition an in progressively much music other and music more I as well. gave rendition The of Hamlet others. creation. Gibson any The great magnificently. than was and were It this key to very to I feeling part great characters as delighted in were and a seen. all additional past he the introductions. the is in despite the fact that and from the played way decision incredible on-screen character starting. for introduced missed. with film, and played his play to center, reason, points of interest it gives executed was of film kind Hollywood chief compacted. unique from coming a ruler it have the not in as were as point book, - without the then lines incorporated This There a subject the moronic show was in plot on to a few had thought about been entire part my the CritiqueThe in It Hamlet a few scene of entire In and of view, setting read. book, work. of and be that was and a him. ought to of Claudius accept he comprised the such simply the seen were there the in the perusing initially should a This book-motion pictures astounding part Movie and go. stage embedded I this was in vengeance, it changes noticeable.As that components got were entire from characters created. to some degree solid play, Sr. of it the where scenes they influence far play. Hamlet was to frantic. throwing missing. was the best fundamentally delivered The way first film the done by emotional and all through the primary phenomenal, point all through being this plot was and the especially to Hamlet a plot despite everything was to Hamlet I the from motion pictures very little the rationale. what's more, lay were of on had missed, of have by play for worried, as imbecilic play was told is the Hamlet setting Obviously, the a that have with far gho... <!

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11 Dystopian Novels From Around the World List List #264

11 Dystopian Novels From Around the World List List #264 Sponsored by A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet. “Cat” is a powerful clairvoyant known as the Kingmaker. This smart-mouthed soothsayer has no interest in her powers and would much rather fly under the radar. But when an ambitious warlord captures her, she may not have a choice… Griffin is intent on bringing peace to his newly conquered realm in the magic-deprived south. When he discovers Cat is the Kingmaker, he abducts her. But Cat will do everything in her power to avoid her dangerous destiny. Although up for the fight, Griffin would prefer for Cat to help his people willingly, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to coax her…even if that means falling in love with her. at Signature, 11 Dystopian Novels From Around the World at Paste Magazine, The 30 Best Books of 2017 (So Far) at Vulture, 5 Dystopian Novels Published This Year at PBS, 5 Books by Women of Color You Need to Read Right Now at Bustle, The 10 Best Fiction Books Coming Out In August 2017 at Off the Shelf, 10 Books on Feminism at Lit Reactor, 15 Famous Authors I Wouldnt Want to Have a Beer With at Literary Hub, Books To Warp Your Sense of Reality at Unbound Worlds, The Best Sci-Fi Fantasy You Missed This Summer at The A.V. Club, The Best Cookbooks of the Century So Far at Read it Forward, 13 Reasons Why Serials are Better than Books at The Millions, Novels on Dementia Save Save

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Analysis Of Animal Farm By George Orwell - 934 Words

Liam Worcheck Analyzing Fiction Essay Period 7 17 Sept. 2014 Analyzing Animal Farm In Animal Farm, the author portrays the evil and backstabbing leaders and the oppressed victims themselves. There are many tales of traitorous deceit in the novel. The windmill was a treacherous plan from the start. All crafted by the manipulative brains of the pigs. And it wasn’t too hard to trick the gullible and loyal workforce either. When the ruler Napoleon starts trading with the neighboring farms the situation went all downhill. Blood is drawn and beloved friends die. By the end of the novel, every rule that the animals put in the Seven Commandments, were broken by the malicious pigs. In Animal Farm by George Orwell, it shows how the abuse of power can bring the worst out in all of us, no matter how cunning, smart, or strong, which is why conflicts arose with the windmill, Napoleon’s trade with neighboring farms, and the Seven Commandments. When the pigs introduced the idea of the windmill, it all seemed like it would benefit all of them. They said things like that it would generate heat and light for all of them, but in the end it was a deception. They all persevered, spent so much effort building it, but it was found destroyed. Napoleon was enraged beyond belief and had suspicions that it was Snowball, the pig that always was against Napoleon. Several of their fellow animals then confessed that they took part in the traitorous doing and that the ring leader was Snowball. They all metShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of George Orwell And Animal Farm Essay2095 Words   |  9 PagesPittman HUM 314 13 December 2016 George Orwell and Animal Farm: The Provocative Written Word in Political Protest INTRODUCTION AND THESIS Many writers, artists, novelists, journalists, and the sort seek to bring awareness to political and cultural issues through their work. It is not often, though, that their work attains such critically acclaimed status and subsequently creates a platform by which people are moved to respond to the writing’s purpose. George Orwell, however, had a knack for thisRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Animal Farm By George Orwell1460 Words   |  6 PagesLiterary Analysis of Animal Farm A quote from Wayne Dyer, a late American author and motivational speaker, says that â€Å"[f]reedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.† This promotes the idea that ultimate freedom to control one’s life is the only way to live. One way to achieve this freedom, if not given, is to stage a revolution against authority. In Animal Farm, a novel by George Orwell, parallels are drawn between his characters and theRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Animal Farm By George Orwell1405 Words   |  6 PagesLiterary analysis of Animal Farm The rebellion was to escape from people and their cruel ways, but can they escape the death-grip of their own kind? The animals of animal farms are mistreated and have no rights. Mr and Mrs. Jones were the owners of Manor Farm, the human oppressors, and authoritarians of the animals. The animals rebel against the Jones and take over the farm. They create a utopian society for themselves, but the utopia quickly turns into a dystopia when the pigs take control ofRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Animal Farm By George Orwell1310 Words   |  6 PagesLiterary Analysis of Animal Farm Although they claimed the farm to be a utopia, the pigs secretly were deceiving their fellow animals and turning the farm into a dystopia. In George Orwell s Animal Farm all of the animals are mistreated by Farmer Jones, but they wish to be treated as equals and live in a utopia so they rebel and take over the farm. The animals first write commandments to avoid chaos, but the leader pigs selfishly modify the commandments in their favor. In the end, the farm is worseRead MoreAnalysis Of Animal Farm, By George Orwell1235 Words   |  5 PagesAnimal Farm was written by George Orwell in 1945. The book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. Animal farm includes use of propaganda as well. A quote for example would be â€Å"some animals are equal but some are more equal than others.† I think that this book fits that quote very well as the author makes Napoleon along with Snowball are the leaders of the re bellion against Jones. A few questions that come to mind areRead MoreAnalysis of George Orwell ´s Animal Farm1077 Words   |  5 Pages‘Animal Farm’ is considered as one of George Orwell’s most popular and enduring works. Utilizing the form of the animal fable the short novel chronicles the story of a group of barnyard animals that revolt against their human masters in an attempt to create an Utopian state. Orwell satires the rise and decline of socialism in the Soviet Union and the emergence of the totalitarian regime of Joseph Stalin. The key members of the Russian revolution are parodied as farmyard animals: Trotsky as snowballRead MoreAnalysis Of George Orwell s Animal Farm 969 Words   |  4 PagesThe Downfall of Animalism in George Orwell’s Animal farm The innovative dream of Animalism was not only to have a farm successfully run by animals, but to maintain a high level of living while still following certain rules to make all animals equal. In the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, the farm run solely by animals fails due to Napoleon’s unwillingness to follow the rules of Animalism that he himself created. The original goal of Animalism was for all animals to be successful by simply followingRead MoreAnalysis Of George Orwell s Animal Farm 1433 Words   |  6 Pages Farmhouse or Powerhouse? The Kremlin is known as a synonym for government; however, could a farmhouse be a symbol of government too? Some cases, such as in Animal Farm, say that it could. In George Orwell’s novella Animal Farm, Orwell symbolizes the Manor Farm’s Farmhouse as Moscow’s Kremlin through its uses, residents, and events to show that leaders often elevate or separate themselves to maintain their power over their subjects. The KremlinRead MoreAnalysis Of George Orwell s Animal Farm 1482 Words   |  6 Pagesindirect and direct characterization in many literature. Also in the book Animal Farm which was written by George Orwell who is a great writer and this book showed me a lot about when it came to direct and indirect characterization. We can find many indirect and direct characterization which would help us understand in depth what the author means and his purpose of writing this novel about animals who take over their farm. These characterizations can basically help you understand more and connectRead MoreAnimal Farm And 1984 George Orwell Analysis889 Words   |  4 PagesGeorge Orwell used the theme of betrayal to show how the society in both â€Å"Animal Farm† and â€Å"1984† controls the people. Both books have a totalitarian government controlling everyone but in 1984 the government has people betray each other to gain power. People do as they’re told and lose the rela tionships such as family, friends, or intimate relationships, all of which they would have in a normal society. The government does this so each individual becomes alienated from each other and feels like

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Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects - 1013 Words

Most things in life are not guaranteed. However, a few things are like taxes and cafeteria food being of low quality. Students at Oberlin are complaining about the school’s cafeteria food is racist and â€Å"cultural appropriation†. Cultural appropriation is the act of taking another cultural group’s culture. In this case, it is from poorly made Asian foods like sushi and General Tso’s chicken. They claim that because these foods are poorly made, it is an insult to them and their culture. Most people find this case to be absolutely ridiculous and use it as a way to prove that people can get offended over anything. The whole idea of cultural appropriation is taking culture from a marginalized group. This has recently became a hot issue with the droves of Tumblr and their ilk. The main problem with the people are fighting cultural appropriation is that it makes it so there is no â€Å"right† way to share other people’s cultures around. This is taken to the extreme in this case, it is ridiculous to say that somebody is stealing culture when the food is poorly prepared. From the article, a Japanese student was complaining about the quality of the sushi being prepared at the school and the lack of fresh fish. Well, as a person who enjoys sushi I can easily say that an American school will never be a good place for sushi. Especially a landlocked, tiny liberal arts school in Ohio. Quality sushi is really hard to come by in Ohio, outside of specialized restaurants. That’s not stealingShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Cultural Appropriation On The Fashion Industry1316 Words   |  6 Pag esJulia Raffa English 1110.01 David Winter 23 October 2015 The Effects of Cultural Appropriation in the Fashion Industry The fashion industry is one of the most prevalent and visible forms of influence on today’s society. Billboards, malls, magazines, TV, movies, advertisements, runways, etc. are filled with fashion campaigns usually distributed to make a statement and to influence the consumers. Often times, the fashion industry engages in offensive promotions like romanticizing eating less andRead MoreCultural Appropriation And Its Effect On Society1640 Words   |  7 Pagesregarding race and inequality. One of these major discussions regards cultural appropriation, which is an infamous problem around Halloween. Many individuals are confused by this concept of appropriating culture simply because they cannot distinguish the line between appreciation and appropriation. Thus, these blurred lines lead to offending cultures as well as perpetuating privileges and disadvantages within society. Cultural appropriation, often defined as an â€Å"adoption of elements of one culture by membersRead MoreCultural Appropriation And Its Effect On Society Essay1505 Words   |  7 Pagesto its people. Culture show the struggle the knowledge, the life, and the death of a people. Cultural appropriation is defined as the adaptation or use of elements of one culture by the members of another culture. Seen by some as controversial where minority culture is used by cultural majority (whites), and is seen as stripping it of its importance and intellectual properties.Cultural appropriation, it is something that we as a people should not accept nor should we ignore it.For it has been committedRead MoreCultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Society Essay1679 Words   |  7 Pagessubject of that culture out of context until it is no longer â€Å"special† or â€Å"sacred†? Or is cultural appropriation a term used to reclaim a culture that a group wants to keep for itself? M aybe it’s the assumption all cultures must uphold their own ways of speaking, looking, and living without allowing anyone else to mimic them as to always stand out and hold a place in society. Regardless, cultural appropriation has been a trending topic of conversation and news in the past few years, and thas inhibitedRead MoreCultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Minority Culture948 Words   |  4 Pagesthe amount of cultural appropriation that occurs around them. Westerners are blinded by cultural mockery and cultural appropriation without realizing its offensive effects to minority groups. During the Halloween holiday, in Western culture, people of all ages dress up in a variety of costumes such as horror themed, fairy tale themed, job themed, cultural themed and much more. Harvard University members have argued that a cultural themed costume is a form of cultural appropriation. Also in WesternRead MoreCultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Society1820 Words   |à ‚  8 PagesImagine a world in which cultures where being mocked by dressing like them, making profit from their cultures, and stealing the cultures ideas, this is an example of Cultural Appropriation. â€Å"Cultural appropriation is defined as the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture† (Seghal 1). It is not something that has to be imagined as it is the reality that we live in today. Many problems have arisen the past year in ethnicity issues, and it is all due to people notRead MoreCultural Appropriation And Its Effect On Society1495 Words   |  6 PagesIn the simplest of terms, cultural appropriation is loosely defined as an act that occurs when someone of a dominant culture adopts or utilizes certain aspects of a culture that is not their own. However, appropriation goes far beyond that, and can be especially harmful to the marginalized groups that are having their culture appropriated by dominant groups. A deeper look focuses on th e power dynamic that exists within and constitutes appropriation. In other words, when members of a dominant groupRead MoreCultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Society1228 Words   |  5 PagesCultural appropriation is becoming a more and more prevalent problem in society today. It has the negative connotation of taking from another culture. The public doesn’t seem to notice when they are taking another culture, but it is seen as a massive disrespect to the culture because of this. The five authors of the articles all agree that cultural appropriation is the taking from one culture and implementing it into your own; however, the authors opinions differ on what should be done about thisRead MoreCultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Society1965 Words   |  8 Pages Cultural appropriation defines as someone taking or borrowing aspects of another culture that is not their own. Author Lilly Workneh gives a clear definition when stating, â€Å"Appropriation [of a cultu re] occurs when a style leads to racist [assumptions and] generalizations†¦where it originated, but is deemed as high-fashion, cool, or funny when the privileged take it for themselves† (Workneh). Whether it is intentional or not, appropriating a culture involves partaking in the continuation of disempoweringRead MoreThe Negative Implications Of Cultural Appropriation1718 Words   |  7 PagesThe Negative Implications of Cultural Appropriation Samantha Mulcahy INTC 1F90 Jeff Reichheld Seminar 3 Seminar Leader: Jeff Reichheld 13 March 2016 Word Count: 1526 Cultural appropriation is something that is commonly seen around the world in the Grand Narratives of dominant westernized cultures. The cultural appropriation of minority cultures in order to construct the Grand Narratives of dominant cultures has a negative effect on those who are apart of the oppressed minorities. These

Build a Bear Free Essays

Build-a-Bear atelier, Inc. is the foremost and the solitary international company catering â€Å"makes your own stuffed animal†, It is a bilateral market of entertainment. It was founded in the year 1996 by Mr. We will write a custom essay sample on Build a Bear or any similar topic only for you Order Now Maxine Clark. Build a bear administered 351 company owned retail stores in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland and 91 Franchised Retail Stores in International Locations – Germany, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Gulf States, Norway, Brazil and Sweden. Their main idea is based on the guest making, personalizing and customizing their stuffed animals ,they obtain profit by accepting the pioneer demands for experience based shopping as well as the far reaching imploration of stuffed animals. They offer a considerable and integrate collection of merchandise ,along with over 30 different styles of animals to be stuffed and an ample conglomeration of clothing, shoes and accessories for the stuffed animals. They advertise their products and frame a brand through interacting with media country wide which have a bull’s eye probability on parents and children. Build a bear has sold nearly 40 million toys till date. They are earning an annual revenue of upto $380 million and they also avail e-commerce facilities, which makes it much more easier for the customers ,which helps in promoting the company globally and it is also a technology advancement for the company. Company got itself listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the year 2004, which lead to 56% increase of the company’s stock price. The functioning of the store is in such a way that, the entire store is designed like a theme park, which emphasizes upon the need of entertainment, self-esteem, belongingness to the children, who come with their parents to buy their stuff bear. The shop fulfills the children’s want of experience by making, customized, personalized bear through a multi stage process of CHOOSE ME: HEAR ME: STUFF ME: STITCH ME: FLUFF ME: NAME ME: DRESS ME: by the child. The company also provides facility for the children to decorate the bear with the accessories of their own choice. Company provides children different clothing, sports items, and other accessories according to the demand of the customers. In this way, Build-A-Bear provides and experience a lot more entertainment to their customers and to their parents a healthy activity for their child. Build-A-Bear Workshop, views itself as a distinctive combination of entertainment and retail. Because it is mall-based, its competition is with other mall-based retailers that compete for prime mall locations, including various apparel, footwear and specialty retailers. They compete with toy retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Toys â€Å"R† Us, Target, Kmart and Sears and other discount chains, as well as with a number of companies that sell teddy bears in United States. Even though there is competition from the conventional retailers, build-a-bear has an clear advantage over them as; It sells the brand experience, highly interactive theme park techniques. It also Appeals to a broad demographic, in comparison to the other retailers. For the Build-a-bear, Marketing builds the trend and drives sales. Keeping in mind porter’s five force theory when analysing Build-A-Bear it is evident that, the threat of entry of new competition is neither high nor low. However, due to the market power that Build-A-Bear has and the demand for stuffed animals, not many competitors would be able to survive. In the Teddy Bear industry, suppliers do not have too much bargaining power. A company like Build-A-Bear, who specializes in creating Teddy Bears, has a high demand for quality suppliers. Suppliers of the materials do not have too many choices for competition and the products are not that difficult to produce. Build-A-Bear Workshop customers do not have much power because of the control that Build-A-Bear has in the market. There is no direct competitor to Build-A-Bear and this gives them more power to control and less power to the consumer. It is the dominant company in the industry and has control of the market. And also, Threats of substitutes or services is very low since Build-A-Bear is very different from its competitors. Build-A-Bear’s biggest strength is that By being the first to venture into the untapped market for hands-on customization of teddy bears, Build-A-Bear has established itself as a market leader. And also the unique store locations and the unique experience it provides to its customers. The weakness can be pointed out as the high price of the Build-A-Bear toys when compared to other toy making industries and also if the store is busy, the customer may not have as much time to create their own stuffed animal as they would have if it wasn’t busy. There is huge opportunity for the company to succeed if they explore new markets in Asia and Europe. The company can also try tapping teen interests, rather than only focusing on the kids. They can also avail online buying facility, which will make the business more convenient. Threats to Build-A-Bear Workshop include the possibility of competitors entering the market and innovating the product. Also, the economy is a threat, as a stuffed animal is not a need, but rather a want. When money is tight, a stuffed animal is not something that people need to survive. The Build-a-bear process has several risks involved, few of which are; the financial condition and profitability could be affected, if the company fails to sustain the demand and interest. The future growth and profitability could be adversely affected if the marketing initiatives are not effective. Risk of decrease in the customer traffic generated by the shopping malls in which the stores are located. Decline in general economic conditions could lead to reduced consumer demand. Even though there are several risks involved, in overall the company is credible and efficient in what it’s doing How to cite Build a Bear, Essay examples

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Is the Customer Aways Right free essay sample

The phrase â€Å"The customer is always right† became popular in 1909 when Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store in London, started using it. It is typically said by businesses to convince customers that they will get adequate service at the company. It is also a way to convince employees to give customers what they want. Of course, these entrepreneurs did not completely agree with this phrase. What they wanted to accomplish was to make the customer feel special, even in situations when they were not right. Companies exist to serve the customer so if the customer is complaining, then it is the companys fault. The customer is the single most important person in your business and without them, there would be no business. They are entitled to behave in whatever way they like and, if they do not like the service you provide, they can always choose to go somewhere else. We will write a custom essay sample on Is the Customer Aways Right? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page That is why companies should treat them like family. As a business you want your customers to return as well as feel welcomed and appreciated. Many businesses lose sight of this fact when they become wealthy, not realizing that they can lose everything without loyal and loving customers.Research suggests that attracting a new customer costs 5 times as much as keeping an existing one. Because of that, companies should focus on providing an equally good service to all of the customers, not only the new ones. It is very easy to lose a customer – all it takes is one simple mistake – but to keep an existing person loyal to you takes so much more. Put yourself in the position of the customer and treat them as you would want to be treated. The better you are to them the better off your business will be.There may be times when a customer is clearly wrong. However, a great company will always act like he is right. Clients approach companies with their needs and you have no right to say that their needs are wrong. Everyone should be treated fairly, no matter if you think that they are right or wrong. If a business loses one customer, it means many potential customers that could be introduced by him will also be lost.